How Can Bid Training Benefit Your Business?

9th February 2022

Are you wondering how bid training can help your business? Here’s how!

You may be wondering what benefits you can get from bid training. As a business owner, you may have heard of or have experience in tendering for work. The tendering process can be hard work and extremely time-consuming. However, the rewards can outweigh the difficulties faced beforehand. Hudson Succeed are here to tell you all about how bid training can benefit your business.

What is bid training?

For those unfamiliar, bid training is a way of educating you on how best to approach and handle a tender. Most businesses will turn to bid writing services to handle this for them. There are many reasons for this, mainly that Bid Writers produce proposals of the highest standard. They also save the business a lot of time and resources by taking the pressure off their shoulders.

If you would prefer to write your own bids though, you may worry you do not have the skills. Completing a winning tender can be difficult, so bid training is essential for helping you get there.

How can bid training benefit your business?

Many people may look to complete tender writing training if they are bidding but not seeing success. Improving and developing skills is always a great thing. Especially if you’re doing it to help grow your business.

By completing bid training, you’re doing just that. You’ll gain an insight into how to approach bids through bid management. You’ll also learn the importance of writing and communication skills. Plus, you will learn how to anticipate how the buyer will evaluate your bid. There is a lot of work that goes into writing a winning bid. Bid training can help you get to the winning standard. Once you know how to write a bid to a high standard, you’ll likely start seeing the results you desire.

Essential bid training: Tender VLE

For bid training from experts with an 87% success rate and over 60 years of experience, look to Tender VLE. Our Tender Writing Consultants will take you through ‘what is a tender’ to how to win them. We have tender training courses suitable for beginners and all levels above.


So, in summary, bid training is a way of preparing yourself to complete future bids for your business. There are so many advantages of tendering for work, so bid training can help you secure those opportunities.

By completing bid training, you’ll be prepared to write winning bids by learning the following:

  1. Bid management
  2. Importance of writing and communication skills
  3. Understanding the evaluation process.

For accredited bid training brought to you by expert consultants, you can turn to Tender VLE. Our training starts with the basics right up to expert level skills.

Still have questions about bid training? Why not call our Bid Writing Consultants? We are always happy to help!

Need help searching for tenders?

You may be wondering where you can find a tender for your business. There’s no shortage of websites offering multi-sector tendering opportunities and leads. Ideally, you should be searching for a sector-specific site that posts all unique, public and private sector opportunities.

Our sister company, Hudson Discover, has 11 sector-specific tendering portals.  One centralised and easy-to-navigate portal can help you save time, streamlining the process.

Once signed up, you’ll have access to your own dedicated Account Manager. They’ll be able to answer any questions you may have about public sector contracts. You’ll also get an email alert when new and relevant tenders are uploaded to your sector.

A subscription to one of our industry-specific portals will include:

  • Unlimited portal access. You can browse your industry’s portal to your heart’s content. See the hundreds of opportunities that are available, intuitively categorised and easily accessible.
  • A daily email bulletin. When you sign up to a portal, you’ll receive an email alert when new tenders are uploaded.
  • A dedicated Account Manager. They’ll handle any questions or queries you may have about the portal.
  • A free 20-minutes phone consultation with a Bid Writer. Our expert bid consultants will chat with you about anything tender related.

What opportunities can I expect from a tender search on a Hudson Discover portal?

We host all kinds of tenders in both the public and private sectors. These are inclusive of, but aren’t limited to:

Now you know how to accurately perform a tender search, you may be wondering how to write a bid. Well, luckily for you, we are experts in bid writing.

We have over 60 years of bid writing experience and an 87% success rate. Whether you’re completely new to tendering or aren’t seeing results – we can help. There are four bid writing packages available:

Once you’ve found a tender you’d like to go for, send it over to us. One of our Bid Writers will write the tender response for you. They’ll provide a full Tender Writing breakdown and even submit it on your behalf.

Tender Mentor can give your tender response a once over before you submit. The Bid Writing Team will analyse your response, notifying you of any errors and opportunities for improvements prior to submission.

During the Tender Ready service, our team will create professional policies, procedures, and case studies in your company branding. If you already have this content, we will review everything carefully to ensure that nothing is missed. This service also helps businesses who are new to tendering with terminology and industry knowledge.

The Tender Improvement package can help those who have tendered before but aren’t seeing results. Our Bid Writers will assess your previous responses and work with you to develop improved content.

Get in touch to find out how we can help your business grow.


Our support doesn’t end there! Our creative content agency, Vocal, are on hand to help.

The Vocal Team are not afraid to stand up and be heard. And we make sure our clients aren’t either! From small, micro businesses to large organisations, we are vocal about the things that make your business unique.

Our creative service is dedicated to growing your business through striking and thought-provoking content. Our team specialise in six areas, including:

If you’d like to know more about what we can do for your business, introduce yourself to the team!

Contact us today to find out more.

Find more helpful tips and advice in our blogs. We cover topics including:

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