A Guide To Tender Management

25th March 2019

What is Tender Management?

Last updated: Oct 28, 2021 @ 8:13 am

Tender Management services form the epitome of our tender writing offerings. Here at Hudson Succeed, you will find a variety of tender services, formulated to cater for a range of requirements.

We offer everything from a ‘guide and review’ service to ‘by-the-day’ tender writing, and more besides.

Our tender management services offer support to businesses of all sizes helping you to write winning bids.

You can expect the following from our robust bid writing support;

  • Expert Support

Our team have been helping businesses to grow for almost two decades. We have worked with organisations of varying sizes in a range of industries on a global scale. While we never claim to be experts in one particular industry, we are experts in bid writing.

  • Bespoke Solutions

Our services are designed to suit the needs of your business. Whether you require ad-hoc support for an important bid or help to begin your tendering journey, we have a service to meet your requirements.

  • Ongoing Support

We are proud to say that many of our clients continue to use our bid writing services on an ongoing basis.

  • Branded Literature and Opportunity Identification

Our Tender Ready and Tender Improvement packages include;

  • The creation/improvement of case studies, CVs and company literature.
  • Designing and branding of case studies, CVs, company literature and policies. Our in-house Bid Designers will be on-hand to ensure you stand out.
  • Support to identify the right tendering opportunities for your business to increase your chances of success.

End-to-end Tender Management, including:

  • An opportunity breakdown, which provides all the key information of the tender in a clear and succinct way. As well as this, the breakdown details the work involved for both parties. This can include aspects such as completing a pricing document.
  • A planned schedule of works, which will tell you when the tender will be written and what information will be needed form you.
  • The management of the portal. This includes the registration of interest, download and assessment of all documentation, checking/sending of clarifications and the eventual submission.
  • The tender writing process, including any branding work, creation of Gantt charts or similar.
  • An internal 2-tier review process by senior management of all elements of the tender response.
  • An efficient editing process pending your own review of all work.
  • Handling of all buyer enquiries and submission.

How could a Tender Management service help your business?

Our tender management services can revolutionise your approach to tendering. At Hudson Succeed, our experienced team of tender consultants will work collaboratively with you.

Our objectives will be to:

  • define your tendering aims
  • create strong, compelling tender responses that impress buyers and, ultimately, help your business grow.

It may be that you do not have your own tender writing staff or require a temporary solution to cover sick leave or maternity cover.

It could also be that as a business you are new to tendering and wish to benefit from the experience of a tender consultancy.

The benefits you can expect to see will include:

  • Access to our team who have almost two decades of experience in the world of tendering and procurement. This means that our advice is backed up with knowledge of the sector from both the Supplier and Buyer side of things.
  • You can be assured that when we are working on your tender, it is receiving the full attention of an experienced Bid Writer, which an in-house resource may not be able to afford.
  • Our 87% bid success rate means that you can rest assured that your bid is in safe hands.
  • Saving time by alleviating the pressure of submitting a winning tender. Let us manage the bids while you focus on delivering the contracts.

Integrating our service with your business

You will be appointed an experienced Bid Writer who will fully integrate within your team. We will be as invested in your business growth as you are, feeding into your existing Sales Team with full accountability for results. Working with you closely, allows us to better understand your organisation and showcase you in the best light. This ensures that you see a quick return on investment.

We believe that ongoing communication is key to successful integration.

Communication is managed through:

  • Detailed bid plans

Before the commencement of work on any contracts, our team will create a thorough bid plan. The plan clearly demonstrates all steps and ensures that expectations are set from the beginning.

  • Weekly catch-up calls

Calls are scheduled at a time and day that suits you. During this call, we will discuss the current workload, required information and related business activities.

More Information

Find more about our comprehensive services or contact one of our experienced consultants for support.

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