Tinker Taylor Case Study


Tinker Taylor are a highly respected video content agency. They produce a variety of creative content for all media channels and platforms. They have over 20 years of experience producing, shooting, directing, editing, and distributing videos for clients in the public sector. As well as corporate, healthcare, and higher education sectors. Sam Taylor, Creative Director of Tinker Taylor, contacted Hudson to acquire our bid writing services for a Ministry of Justice recruitment video tender.


Hudson’s Succeed team were tasked with writing the bid for Tinker Taylor. Some specific challenges involved with this bid were as follows:

  • Demonstrating how Tinker Taylor would tackle economic inequality within this project. This was a major part of the requirements of the bid which we had to complete.
  • Building a relationship with a new client. Due to not having worked with Tinker Taylor before, we were tasked with learning their working practices and methodology for successfully delivering a project.


To ensure that we demonstrated how Tinker Taylor would tackle economic inequality when performing this project, we took the following steps:

  • Researched Tinker Taylor online, to establish any background information we could. Looking at how their organisation currently operates to tackle economic inequality within their operations. For example, looking at the training opportunities they offer.
  • Requested Tinker Taylor’s CSR (Community Social Responsibility) policy. This is so we could gain any relevant policy and procedure information which might relate to this to include in our answer.
  • Looked into relevant government and Ministry of Defence initiatives regarding economic inequality which Tinker Taylor should align with in this project.
  • Wrote an excellent response to this question using the information we had gained.

In order to build a new, positive relationship with the client, we:

  • Used Tinker Taylor’s website to gain background information about them, such as their aims, specialisms, and previous work they had completed, before beginning the bid process.
  • Engaged in a kick-off call with Sam Taylor, the Creative Director, whereby we established key information which pertained to the bid. We were also able to gain key information for communication such as Sam’s availability and favoured mode of communication.
  • Kept Sam up to date with the project as it was ongoing. Giving her updates throughout and gaining information and documents as and when they were needed.


 Specific results for this project were as follows:

  • Due to our extensive research and the information we had gained from Tinker Taylor, we were able to effectively demonstrate to the buyer how Tinker Taylor will deliver the project.
  • We built a positive relationship with Tinker Taylor based on our communications with them. This has created a great foundation with them for the future and may result in them using us for future bids.


“…I’d absolutely recommend Hudson Outsourcing and Dan. This tender compared to any other tender that I’ve put in previously is a million times better…Any company that are going for tenders and they’re really close but not quite getting them just yet, you’ll learn so much, you’ll put in much better tenders and ultimately win a lot more work.” – Sam Slingsby, Director of Production – Tinker Taylor


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