Bid Tender Writer: 3 Interesting Ways They Can Improve Your Chances of Success

2nd February 2022

Looking for a Bid or Tender Writer? Here’s what you should know

Are you wondering how a Bid or Tender Writer can help your business? There’s plenty of ways they can win you contracts. You may assume they can simply write the bid for you. That is true, but it isn’t all they can do. Our Bid and Tender Writers are proficient in several skills. We also have a variety of expertly crafted services available to support you. At Hudson Succeed, we want to help educate and support anyone we can. So, continue reading to find out more on how Bid or Tender Writers can help you.

What is a Bid Writer?

To begin with, we want to address what a Bid or Tender Writer is. They are experts in the world of tendering and are there to support businesses with their bids. They can do this in a multitude of ways, but primarily they write compelling bids for their clients.

Why do businesses hire Bid Writers?

Many businesses will turn to a Bid or Tender Writer for several reasons. However, the most common is that it saves time. By hiring a Tender Writing Consultant, you can continue your usual work whilst they handle the tendering process for you.

Businesses prefer this as it means they are not wasting time and resources. Many of them would have to sacrifice their usual responsibilities to dedicate time to completing a bid. If you don’t have the time and resources to do this, it can be risky trying to complete a bid.

A Bid or Tender Writer can handle the entire process for you, and even submit it on your behalf. Therefore, there’s no stress involved and any last-minute panicking to get things done.

How will a Bid Writer improve your chances of success?

A Bid or Tender Writer can improve your chances of success in many ways. Here are just a few:

  1. They have expert knowledge and experience

One of the greatest benefits of hiring a Bid or Tender Writer is that they are experts at what they do. So, they know exactly what is expected and how to write your bid responses to a high standard.

  1. A Bid Writer has mastered writing and communication skills

These bid writing skills are essential for producing a winning bid. The aim of a tender is to showcase why your business should be awarded a contract. So, it is imperative that the bid is clear, concise, and communicates ideas to a high standard. If the buyer doesn’t understand your points, they will probably not award you the bid.

A bid also needs to be thoroughly checked for errors. You don’t want to give the impression you are lazy and rush your work without checking it.

  1. Bid Writers understand the importance of bid management

Many people may believe a good bid is simply down to writing skills. This is not the case! Bid management is essential for ensuring the quality of your bid. A Bid or Tender Writer will use their bid management skills to breakdown buyer documents and make the workload manageable. It is key for ensuring nothing is missed and everything is done in time.


So, in summary, a Bid or Tender Writer is a professional that can provide services to help you win contracts.

Businesses turn to them for several reasons, but mainly because they save time and are experts at what they do.

They can help you in many ways, but some of those include the following:

  1. They have expert knowledge and experience
  2. A professional Tender Writer has mastered writing and communication skills
  3. Tender Writing experts understand the importance of bid management.

Still got questions about Bid and Tender Writers? Why not contact us, and see how we can help you? We are always here to help!

Need help searching for tenders?

You may be wondering where you can find a tender for your business. There’s no shortage of websites offering multi-sector tendering opportunities and leads. Ideally, you should be searching for a sector-specific site that posts all unique, public and private sector opportunities.

Our sister company, Hudson Discover, has 11 sector-specific tendering portals.  One centralised and easy-to-navigate portal can help you save time, streamlining the process.

Once signed up, you’ll have access to your own dedicated Account Manager. They’ll be able to answer any questions you may have about public sector contracts. You’ll also get an email alert when new and relevant tenders are uploaded to your sector.

A subscription to one of our industry-specific portals will include:

  • Unlimited portal access. You can browse your industry’s portal to your heart’s content. See the hundreds of opportunities that are available, intuitively categorised and easily accessible.
  • A daily email bulletin. When you sign up to a portal, you’ll receive an email alert when new tenders are uploaded.
  • A dedicated Account Manager. They’ll handle any questions or queries you may have about the portal.
  • A free 20-minutes phone consultation with a Bid Writer. Our expert bid consultants will chat with you about anything tender related.

What opportunities can I expect from a tender search on a Hudson Discover portal?

We host all kinds of tenders in both the public and private sectors. These are inclusive of, but aren’t limited to:

Now you know how to accurately perform a tender search, you may be wondering how to write a bid. Well, luckily for you, our sister company, Hudson Succeed, are experts in bid writing.

They have over 60 years of bid writing experience and an 87% success rate. Whether you’re completely new to tendering or aren’t seeing results – they can help. There are four bid writing packages available:

Once you’ve found a tender you’d like to go for, send it over to us. One of our Bid Writers will write the tender response for you. They’ll provide a full Tender Writing breakdown and even submit it on your behalf.

Tender Mentor can give your tender response a once over before you submit. The Bid Writing Team will analyse your response, notifying you of any errors and opportunities for improvements prior to submission.

During the Tender Ready service, our team will create professional policies, procedures, and case studies in your company branding. If you already have this content, we will review everything carefully to ensure that nothing is missed. This service also helps businesses who are new to tendering with terminology and industry knowledge.

The Tender Improvement package can help those who have tendered before but aren’t seeing results. Our Bid Writers will assess your previous responses and work with you to develop improved content.

Get in touch to find out how we can help your business grow.


Our support doesn’t end there! Our creative content agency, Vocal, are on hand to help.

The Vocal Team are not afraid to stand up and be heard. And we make sure our clients aren’t either! From small, micro businesses to large organisations, we are vocal about the things that make your business unique.

Our creative service is dedicated to growing your business through striking and thought-provoking content. Our team specialise in six areas, including:

If you’d like to know more about what we can do for your business, introduce yourself to the team!

Contact us today to find out more.

Find more helpful tips and advice in our blogs. We cover topics including:

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