Tender Writing in London: is “local” better?

5th February 2021

Why searching for “tender writing London” won’t benefit your business

[Last modified: July 2021]

Searching for “tender writing London” online?

If your business is based in London, your online search for tender writing support probably hasn’t surpassed “tender writing London”.

There’s a common misconception that, when it comes to tender writing, local is better. But why restrict your search to tender writing support in your area? You might miss out on a pool of talented, dedicated Bid Writers that can help your company grow.

This blog will explain the benefits of using a distance-based Bid Writing Consultancy for all of your tender writing needs.

Why “tender writing London” might not be the best option for your business

We’ve all been guilty of assuming that London houses the best in the business. After all, London is considered the business capital of the world. If you’ve searched for “tender writing London”, you’ll know how many options there are for Bid Writers in the city. It can be overwhelming to choose which one is the best fit for your business.

But just because a company is based in London, does that mean it’s the best option for your business?

If you’re based in London, you might not have considered any other option. It might seem bizarre to look further afield when there are plenty of options close by.

Perhaps you’re settling for a Bid Writer near you, or maybe you’re thinking about hiring one in-house. However, both options come with a set of disadvantages. But there is a third option out there. Have you considered outsourcing your bid writing needs to a remote team, outside London?

The benefits of a remote bid writing team

At Hudson Succeed, we can work remotely to provide your company with bid writing support. We work with clients via phone, Skype, Zoom and email. It doesn’t matter where your company is based, we can work with you to write winning bids for your business.

And there’s no compromise on quality. Without the need for in-person work, your company can cut the cost of travelling and time spent in meetings. This will save your company time, money and resources when tendering for contracts. 

Don’t settle for tender writing in London. No matter where you’re based (in the UK or overseas), our distance-based methods have proven a success. In fact, we have supported clients in 23 countries, including the US, the Caribbean and Russia. But if you still need convincing, let’s look at the advantages of working with a remote team of Bid Writers.

Why outsourcing your bid writing needs remotely is the best option for your business

  • One in-house writer vs a full, remote team

If you want to move away from your search of “tender writing London”, let’s take a look at your team. Does your company already have an in-house Bid Writer? Or maybe you have someone who handles the bids, but isn’t an expert in tender responses?

Hiring an in-house Bid Writer won’t be cost effective for your business. Not only do you have to pay their wages, but the hiring process itself can cost your company thousands. Especially in London’s competitive market.

If you rely on an in-house Bid Writer, you might be limiting your company’s chances of success. There’s no guarantee that there’ll be suitable tenders for your company to bid on. So, you might be left paying an in-house Bid Writer to do little (or no) work.

An in-house Bid Writer won’t be an expert in every area – it’s just not possible! They might even take time out of the working day to search for information or look for answers elsewhere. And your in-house Bid Writer might have to juggle their responsibilities, especially if bid writing isn’t their only role.

If you outsource your tender writing needs to a dedicated consultancy, you have access to a full team of experts. Our team are always communicating with each other, sharing their industry knowledge and expertise. They know exactly how to craft a winning tender response, leaving you to focus on running your business.

  • Save your company money

As we’ve already discussed, hiring an in-house Bid Writer will cost your company money. But what’s the difference between outsourcing to Bid Writers in London or a consultancy further afield?

To keep up with the capital’s competitive market and rent demands, Bid Writing Consultancies in London charge an extortionate rate. This is because companies based in London have to increase their pricing.

Limiting your search to “tender writing London” will mean your options for Bid Writers will come with an excessive cost. You might think that a company that charges a lot for their services must be the best one out there. But that simply isn’t the case.

If you outsource your bid writing needs to a company further afield, you can avoid London’s inflated prices. Companies outside of London offer services that are just as good – or even better – for a fraction of the cost.

In fact, Hudson Succeed rank among the most competitively priced Bid Consultancies in the country!

  • Flexible working

If you limit your search to “tender writing London”, you can’t take advantage of the flexible working opportunities on offer.

As we’ve already discussed, remote working can have many advantages for your business. Not only will a remote team save your company time, money and resources, but we’re able to work around you.

You don’t have to work around your in-house Bid Writer or wait for your local consultancy to schedule a meeting. When you work with a flexible Bid Writing Consultancy, the time and place is completely up to you.

And if your company requires in-person meetings from time to time, we’re able to accommodate that. We have office space in Durham, Manchester, London and Florida, and can meet at whichever location works best for you. But in today’s remote world, bid writing is one profession that doesn’t require regular face-to-face meetings!

  • A responsive team

Just because your company searches for “tender writing London”, there’s no guarantee that you’ll find a responsive team. Being geographically close doesn’t mean that they’ll be the best fit for your business.

But what if you outsource your tender writing needs to a distance-based Bid Writing Consultancy?

Working with a remote team can offer many advantages for your company. A distance-based Bid Writing Consultancy can react to deadline shifts or urgent work. There’s no need to factor in travel time or cost. Simply pick up the phone or send an email and our team will get straight to work.

 Take your bid writing further with Hudson Succeed

Looking for a Bid Writing Consultancy that will write winning tender responses at a fair price? Contact our team at Hudson Succeed. We have an 87% success rate and over 60 years of collective experience – you can be sure you’re in good hands!

Your company doesn’t have to search for “tender writing London” to win contracts. Don’t limit yourself to overpriced consultancies, just because they’re nearby! No matter your company’s needs, we offer a range of services that can help your company grow. Our Bid Writing team can help you with:

  • Tender Writing

Completely new to the bid writing? Why not try our Tender Writing package? This service is designed for companies that don’t know how or don’t have time to tender for work. A member of our expert Bid Writing Team will work with you through every step of the tendering process. We’ll support you from finding the tender through to submission.

  • Tender Mentor 

Know how to tender for work but want to make sure your responses are up to scratch? Try our Tender Mentor package. One of our Bid Writers will proofread your responses, checking for inconsistencies, poor grammar and punctuation and spelling errors. We can also check your responses to make sure they meet the buyer’s specifications.

  • Tender Ready 

If you want to learn more about the tendering process, why not try our 4-week Tender Ready programme? Our expert Bid Writing Team will work with you to make sure your business is ready to tender for work.

  • Tender Improvement

Try our Tender Improvement package if you’re yet to see the benefits of your tendering efforts. One of our Bid Writers will assess your previous tender responses and help you improve. With Tender Improvement, you’ll be ready for future submissions!

Upgrade to Discover Elite

Running a business can be so time-consuming – you might not have time to think about tendering for work.

Why not upgrade to Discover Elite and really optimise your tendering efforts? No matter how busy you are, you can find the latest tendering opportunities with our new time-saving tool.

With two great packages on offer, you can choose between:

  • The Ultimate Time Save package

You’ll receive five tender breakdowns per month, an annual subscription to two sector-specific portals, and a dedicated Account Manager. The perfect package for those on the go!

  • The Become a Pre-Bid Master package

You’ll receive all of the above, plus seven tender breakdowns per month and your own Bid Strategy! Your Bid Strategy will be delivered by a Senior Bid Manager and managed by our Global Bid Director.

Upgrade to Discover Elite and watch your business grow. Contact us to find out how to win a tender. 

Find more helpful tips and advice in our blogs. We cover topics including:

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