Are You Missing New Business Opportunities?

10th July 2019

Tender Opportunities – Are You Missing Out?

Last updated: Dec 17, 2021 @ 11:58 am

Tendering is a proactive way to grow your business, but how should you source tender opportunities that are right for your business?

There are hundreds of buildings owned by the public sector nationally. The public sector relies on private sector companies like yours to provide facilities management services to maintain these properties.

Public sector organisations are turning to the use of Frameworks to secure contractors to provide these services. Often this is through preferred supplier lists.

Focus on Facilities Management 

Taking Facilities Management as an example, recent research across the UK shows that since 2015:

  • Over 400 Facilities Management frameworks were created
  • More than 250 buyers were involved
  • Not one company is named on more than 30 of these frameworks

What this means is that there are multiple opportunities being missed by every facilities management company.

So how do you stop missing these tender opportunities?

With such a wide range of public sector opportunities available across the UK, companies need a better way of targeting these opportunities.

That’s where Hudson comes in. We have a range of 10 sector-specific portals which tailor contract opportunities to your business and bring you relevant tenders on a daily basis. Our Hudson Discover strand helps businesses access the right tendering opportunities for them and their specific offering.

Case in point, let’s stick with the Facilities Management company. If that was your company, and you were to use Hudson Discover’s Facilities Tender portal; you would have access to over 400 tenders right now.

That’s over 400 opportunities to engage with and deliver new clients and drive your business growth.

How does Hudson’s service mean an end to missed tender opportunities?

The team here at Hudson scrape hundreds of websites, portals and social media daily to source opportunities for our clients. Each opportunity found it checked and collated into the appropriate portals. We then match our clients with the found opportunities, sense checking against their criteria such as:

  • Financial thresholds
  • Regions of interest
  • Technical capabilities
  • Scope of works
  • Framework or Spot bid
  • Buyer profiles

Clock’s ticking…

2018 saw over 120 Facilities Management framework opportunities created by clients hungry to get the best service possible. So ask yourself:

  • How many of these were you successful in winning?
  • How many of these opportunities did you submit a tender for?
  • How many of these opportunities did you even know about?

And one final question to consider… Did you know that there has been over 20 Framework opportunities published in 2019 so far?

Hudson knew; that meant our customers knew.


We appreciate that if you’re an SME based in the North East, for example, you might not be in a position to tender for all the opportunities available nationally. We agree that tendering for a facilities management Framework in London is always going to be a long-shot, and at Hudson, we have those sensible discussions with our clients.

However, do not be put off by your size, business reach and tendering opportunities. If we stick with the Framework example, research conducted by independent procurement companies in 2019 shows that nationally, 250 buyers have tendered for Frameworks since 2015. This breaks down into the following geographies:

  • London – 39 buyers
  • South East – 13 buyers
  • South West – 16 buyers
  • West Midlands – 20 buyers
  • East of England – 13 buyers
  • East Midlands – 14 buyers
  • Wales – 13 buyers
  • Yorkshire and the Humber – 22 buyers
  • North West – 41 buyers
  • North East – 16 buyers
  • Northern Ireland – 11 buyers


  • Scotland – 32 buyers

So what this means for you, wherever you are reading this blog, is that there are opportunities out there, on your doorstep, for you to win!

Greed is NOT a sin in procurement

You might be thinking that if your Facilities Management company hasn’t secured a place on a Framework yet then you’ll never muscle in on them when the opportunities are released. You may worry that your competitors have more experience and will snap up Framework contracts above you.

Worry not.

It is a fact that only 1%  of the 2626 Facilities Management companies in the UK (in 2019) have secured multiple contracts of over 10 framework places. In fact, the vast majority of FM companies (nearly 70%) have secured only 1 contract.

This links me back to my earlier point. There is so much public sector money being missed by companies like yours.

There is nothing stopping companies tendering for and winning multiple framework contract opportunities nationally. In fact, it is a great way of building steady company growth.

The team at Hudson Succeed have nearly 40 years tendering experience, and in that time, we’ve seen several iterations of the same Frameworks open, close and be awarded. We’ve worked with the same companies over this time and have seen them grow. From having no tendering experience we’ve helped them win multiple contracts across several regions, growing to accommodate their ever-increasing reputation.

The cherry on top of the Fat Facilities Management Framework pie

If you’re still reading this, you’re interested in knowing more. Well, there’s one more piece of information you need to know about Facilities Management Frameworks…

In 2020, there are at least 70 facility management framework opportunities available. Either currently open or with contracts expiring this year, buyers are busy this year procuring companies just like yours to provide FM services.

Can you afford to miss a piece of that pie?

Still not convinced?

Maybe you’re not sure about how to go about tendering for upcoming opportunities, or maybe you just don’t have the time.

Get in touch with the team at Hudson Succeed bid management today and we will have a sensible, open discussion on how we can best help your company. We have a range of services tailored to suit you, whatever stage you’re at with tendering.

Whether you’re an experienced company that just don’t have the time to tender for that perfect opportunity; our Tender Writing Service can help

Or if you’ve never heard of Frameworks and tendering before, but it all sounds like a great business opportunity (it is!) – our Tender Ready service would be perfect for you.

Maybe you’ve tried tendering before, won a few bids, lost a few bids and are fed up of repeating the tender process with marginal results. Our Bid Writers can help.

Our Tender Mentor and Tender Improvement services offer you a way to get the best results from the opportunities you know are out there…being missed.

Find more helpful tips and advice in our blogs. We cover topics including:

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