Succeed Case Study Invasion


Invasion is part of Invasion Camp Group, which was founded in 2010 by university friends Nick Steiert and Lee McAteer. Invasion is one of the largest youth travel organisations in the UK, offering a wide choice of life-changing and unforgettable holiday experiences. Invasion contacted us looking for the reactive completion of a large tender to become an accommodation booking partner for the National Citizen Service (NCS).


Following sign off for the go ahead of this work on the 22nd May, we were given two days to complete and submit with a deadline of the 27th May. The work consisted of 21,500 words to be completed. Key tasks/challenges we had to deal with are as follows:

  • Turning around a large piece of work in a small timeframe, whilst ensuring high-quality was delivered.
  • Working with a new client, ensuring high levels of intense liaison were carried out to ensure tender responses accurately reflected business ethos/processes.
  • Ensuring all required documents were retrieved and submitted with the tender, extracting the necessary information needed from the client.
  • Factoring in a large piece of work into our other workloads and ensuring other deadlines were met.
  • Submitting the work during a bank holiday, which posed the difficulty of ensuring all information was extracted well before deadline.


The actions we took to ensure that high levels of customer satisfaction were achieved included the following tender processes:

• Executing a thorough bid planning strategy to itemise precisely what was needed from the client. This allowed us to ensure everything was in place and that all aspects of the tender were covered.

• Setting expectations from the outset. This included outlining to Invasion the high levels of intense liaison that would be needed to complete a quality response.

• We delegated work out internally, ensuring that our Bid Writing Team could manage the heavy workload whilst ensuring all other deadlines were met. Bid Manager, Nick Eyley, spearheaded the project with support from Head of Bid Management, Daniel Hall, and Bid Writer, Emma Nelson.


Specific results achieved under this project are as follows:

• Our team worked proactively to ensure that this large piece of work was turned around within tight timescales and to exceptionally high quality.

• The client was successful in their tendering efforts and were awarded the contract in favour over the incumbent supplier who also responded. The contract value was between £110 – £200 million which has increased growth and profit for Invasion, sourcing them sustainable future income and has dramatically increased their annual turnover.

• We formed an excellent relationship with Invasion which has undoubtedly set us in good stead for any future works which arise.

• Our team displayed excellent group work and further solidified their proven ability to work reactively and achieve outstanding results.

• Due to our high standards of delivery and client communication, we received a ‘thank you’ hamper from the client to show their gratitude for the work we completed.

“Daniel and the team were incredibly professional and delivered a very high level of service with our tender application. Unfortunately, we found out about the opportunity at the last minute, which meant that we required a very tight turnaround and the team went the extra mile for us to ensure that it was ready on time within the stipulated deadline. The application proved to be successful and we are delighted with the outcome. Could not recommend any higher.” Nick Steiert, Managing Director

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