Serjeant Security Case Study


Serjeant Security Ltd is a provider of contract security management, manpower, electronic surveillance and related support services. Serjeant Security Limited was established in February 2000 and has gained contracts with local authorities, retail, offices and construction firms. Their services include:

  • Security Manned Guarding
  • Key Holding
  • CCTV surveillance
  • A patrol clocking system
  • Mobile patrol, including opening and closing buildings.

They offer a 24-hour call out service which includes alarm response and emergency guarding. The 24-hour call out service also includes a mobile supervisor who checks all manned guard sites throughout the day and night.

Serjeant Security Limited’s mission is to deliver a wide range of top class, flexible security services, controlled and performed to the highest standards.

Serjeant Security Limited required reactive bid writing services to respond to a tender for a four-year security contract with the London Borough of Bexley Council.

Our client made contact with us five days prior to the deadline date. They required our Tender Writing services.

The bid requirement: The Council requires the service provider to deliver a quality security service covering static guarding, including front of house at the Council’s Civic Offices, keyholding, out of hours response, reactive and ad-hoc services such as events management. All services must be delivered with a high level of customer service.

Due to the short timeframe, the Head of Bid Management had to write the bid.


It was imperative to Sergeant Security Limited that they won this contract as they were currently delivering the contract alongside two other providers. The buyer/commissioner was wanting to amalgamate the services under one sole supplier. They put their trust in us to deliver our services and win them the contract.

The main challenge that we faced was the short time frame we were up against to complete the bid by the deadline date. With only five days until the deadline and 8,000 words to produce, this was a major challenge, but we knew we would be able to overcome it.

Aside from this, we first had to read the tender documents and familiarise ourselves with the specific requirements of the contract.


Due to the short turnaround for the bid, we had to be strict with our time management and stick to a schedule in order to complete the bid.

Through strict time management between both parties and pursuing a more structured and phased approach over the five-days, we managed to not overwhelm the client with all the information we required (i.e., experience and technical solutions for delivery etc). We managed the process in a broken-down approach.

We broke all the requirements down based into holistic planning and then created supplementary smaller plans for different phases of the submission.

To ensure success, we applied successful project management techniques from similar works with reactive timeframes.

First, we created an overarching bid plan. We then set timescales for relevant information needed from the client, prioritising more information heavy pieces and then lower-priority workloads subsequently. Communication was a major factor to ensure we stayed on track. There were daily check-in calls with the lead manager (Head of Bid Management) and the client to ensure everything was on track over this short timeframe. Our client felt at ease as the regular communication was reassuring to them.


The bid was successfully submitted hours before the deadline, which was managed by Hudson. This made the client felt at ease as the deadline was approaching.

Serjeant Security Limited won the bid which secured the company £1.2m over three years, equating to £420,000 per year. They provided the following testimonial:

“We have worked with Hudson Procurement using their Tender Writing service multiple times in the last year and found the quality of the work produced in the short time frame we had was outstanding. The whole process from start to finish was managed very professionally and the result has been our business winning work because of their service. Without a doubt we will continue to work with Hudson Procurement in the future and based on our own experience highly recommend them to any business.” – Dennis Scrivens, Managing Director.

Following winning the bid, the client has since returned to us as they required another piece of work. We are now their chosen provider for bidding support.

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