How to Find Rail Tenders

14th February 2020

Finding Rail Tenders

Last updated: Dec 17, 2021 @ 10:00 am

Looking for Rail tenders? – look no further than our Logistics Tenders Portal, powered by Hudson Discover.

Hudson Discover consists of ten, sector-specific tendering portals, dedicated to helping suppliers’ source new opportunities, including a logistics tenders’ portal.

Sourcing the opportunities

We source logistics sector tenders on a daily basis from thousands of buyers, across the UK. You can sign up to our logistics portal and start receiving business leads today.

By signing up, you gain complete access to our one-stop-shop logistics portal. The main benefits of our portals are:

  • Your Dashboard screen will show the most recent tender opportunities – based on the personal information you provide about your company.
  • We manually track opportunities – no CPV codes or algorithms required
  • You can search for rail tender opportunities by using keywords relating to your services
  • Searches can also be made by location or budget
  • You will be assigned a dedicated Account Manager to help you throughout the process.

Supply Chain Network

Network Rail depend entirely on their suppliers. They worked in partnership with around 4,000 suppliers during the 2018/19 financial year. They spent around £7bn on vital works, services and products.

The services they require include:

Are you an SME supplying those vital services? Wanting to tender but don’t know where to start?

Here at Hudson Discover, we can source these contract opportunities on your behalf. Not only this, we can help you to win the opportunities you find on the portal. Simply send the tender to our team at Hudson Succeed and relax knowing that your bid is in safe hands.


Using Hudson Discover, you can find government proposed projects such as HS2. High speed 2 is a landmark project, involving the design and construction of brand-new high-speed railway tracks and stations.

The HS2 project will provide a huge variety of opportunities for those of you in the Logistics Sector. Why not sign up and receive these tender opportunities daily?

As well as HS2, Transpennine and Crossrail are currently undergoing developments. This is providing suppliers of the rail industry with some incredible tender opportunities.

We are aware that sourcing tenders can be daunting. But by signing up to the Logistics Tenders portal today, we can remove that burden and help you source those rail tenders.

How can Tendering help your business?

The importance of tendering

Tendering & Bid Management is becoming increasingly important. Public procurement is a major driver for economic growth, job creation and innovation.

What are the advantages of tendering?

There are many advantages in using a tendering process to grow your business. Tendering allows organisations to demonstrate their processes and practices to the buyers. Winning a contract through tender submission can be highly rewarding. The overall benefits include:

  • Equal Treatment – tendering ensures that equal opportunities are given to every supplier
  • Non – Discriminatory – tendering precludes discrimination, nepotism and favouritism
  • Transparency – tendering is conducted in a fair, open and transparent manner
  • Proportionality – smaller suppliers are not disadvantaged by lengthy procedures
  • Mutual Recognition – every supplier has the right to bid for business
  • Ensures efficiency – in the spending of public money

How to win rail tenders

The government are currently committed to investing £110bn into infrastructure. This includes an expected £11bn funding earmarked to improve London’s transport system. This is due to rail improvements and innovation being high on their priority list.

If you are wanting to win a rail tender, it is important to remember that the vital aspect is quality. Information which makes your business stand out is essential. What differentiates your company from your competitors? What are the benefits of working with you? Do you have evidence to back this up?

Guiding principles 

The first major step to provide a strong, winning tender submission is to do your research, in order to understand the buyer’s core service offerings, their high-level policy directions and ultimately, the specific requirements of the contract.

Top tips include:

  • Read the question carefully

It is important to read and understand exactly what the question is asking. Then you can highlight the core requirements and derive relevant sub-headings from this.

  • Respond in full to the question

Again, using sub-headings will help you significantly with this, ensuring that each requirement is fully addressed. Make sure you demonstrate your understanding of the service required by providing recent and relevant information. What makes your services unique?

  • Don’t assume the buyer knows about you

Address your company’s capabilities, strengths and resources as if they are unknown. How are your resources appropriate for the buyer’s specific needs?

  • Target your references 

Ensure you are providing specific references, relating directly to the key requirements set out by the buyer.

  • Embrace duplication 

It is important to answer each question in full – even if it sometimes seems repetitive. Repetition can reinforce your company’s experience and capabilities.

  • Offer value-added initiatives 

To increase your competition but be careful, always relate to the requirements of the tender.

  • Submit a complete response

The best thing to do is to make a clear, defined submission checklist of the required documents– that way, nothing should be missed.

  • Respond on time 

Late tenders will not be accepted unless there is conclusive evidence. Tip: to avoid missing a tender submission deadline, set an internal deadline for the day before.

Needing support?

Upon finding opportunities within our logistics portal, you and your organisation then have the task of writing the specific technical response, ensuring the buyer’s specification is covered and the evaluation criteria is met. Often within a tight deadline.

We appreciate that rail tenders are one of the more difficult tenders. They require very technical responses, supported by hard evidence. This is due to the large emphasis on health and safety throughout every quality response.

Important questions to ask yourself; do you have the relevant resources? Do you have the time to write winning bids?

The tender writing process can be disheartening if you do not have a team of professional, skilled bid writers in-house. Fear not, however, our team at Hudson Succeed can help you.

Our team of professionals have decades of experience, can tailor to your specific needs and we write to win. Our Tender Writing service is the perfect ad-hoc solution for businesses who do not have the time or the in-house resources to complete excellent bid responses.

As tender writing consultants, we work with numerous industries, including logistics. If you are interested in tendering for contracts and need that extra bit of help or support to write that winning rail tender, get in touch.

We source, We write, YOU win.

Find more helpful tips and advice in our blogs. We cover topics including:

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