How can a Bid Writing Consultant help my Small Business?

23rd August 2019

Bid writing consultants – how can they help my small business?

Last updated: Aug 30, 2022 @ 1:13 pm

Bid Writing Consultants love working with small businesses. It is a really rewarding and fulfilling chance to help out new and up-and-coming businesses reach their goals.

Now, thanks to the enforcement of the Public Contract Regulations 2015, the tendering and procurement industry opens up the possibility of winning contracts to a much more level field of competition.

Everyone is asked the same questions, has the same opportunity to bid and theoretically stands the same chance of success.

This is regardless of size or scope, provided they meet the criteria laid out in each bid.

Hence, now, the little guy really does have a shot. It is worth doing everything you can to make sure your small business maximises its chances of standing out from the crowd. Given that the competition has now opened up and when it comes to tendering, it really is anyone’s game.

It is important to do everything you can to set yourself in the best stead possible to win new contracts.

How can we help?

Our internal team of tendering and procurement experts and Bid Writing Consultants are here to provide the dedicated support you need. Our friendly team are here to answer your questions, provide bespoke advice and guidance and even write your tenders. This will help your company win new work and grow.

Our team work across all sectors and have honed our experience to put together a suite of bid writing consultancy packages designed with your success in mind.

Check out a summary of the help and support we can provide below. Whilst each is dedicated to improving a certain aspect of your submission, all can be worked totally around the demands of your business and your specific challenges.

We pride ourselves on our ability to offer entirely bespoke services and guidance to clients. Check out the below summary for more information on how we can support you!


As our Bid Writing Consultants recommend, there is no better place to start than making sure you have the right opportunity! Here at Hudson, we’ve got you covered!

Our ten industry-specific platforms use people. We do not use arbitrary codes or algorithms to find you the most relevant opportunities for your business.

Our dedicated team of opportunity trackers “scrape” national tendering platforms daily to find the latest opportunities and tag these with the sector and industry-specific keywords.

This makes them easier to find and ensures that you are only seeing the opportunities relevant to you and your business. Check out our platforms today through a free demo and see how our innovative tender tracking platform can help your business grow:

Tender VLE

Our Bid Consultants always recommend small businesses avail themselves of as much knowledge as possible. That’s why we have launched the UK’s first tendering and procurement-related, virtual, learning environment.

Our friendly team of tender experts and Bid Writing Consultants have put together a selection of videos and accompanying blogs detailing what they think are the most fundamental and sometimes often-overlooked tips and considerations when taking your first foray into the world of tendering and procurement.

To get you started check out the following videos:

Finally, to better understand the different tendering routes out there, take a look at

Tender Mentor

If you’re in need of a second pair of eyes, a bit of advice and guidance, our Bid Writing Consultants recommend you choose our Tender Mentor service.

Tender Mentor is a dedicated package for businesses who may be new to tendering and would like some pointers in the right direction.

We will assess your submission against the specification, check for spelling and grammar oversights and advise you of any improvements we think could be made to maximise your chances of success.

Tender Ready

Our team of Bid Writing Consultants have developed the Tender Ready package to “take you from Couch to 5k” in the tendering world. Tender Ready is designed for those businesses who have never tendered before and maybe don’t even know what this means!

Our Bid Writing Consultants will be on hand throughout to guide you through your first steps toward tendering success.

We will help to develop your corporate literature including team profiles, policies and procedures, provide bespoke advice and guidance and will top it all off with either a Tender Mentor service for your first two bids, or we will simply write your first bid from scratch for you.

We will even throw in a year’s subscription to one of our Discover portals to help you find opportunities which are right for you for the next year!

Tender Improvement

Our Bid Writing Consultants have developed this package for those who might have tendered before but aren’t seeing any success.

Tender improvement involves much the same work as our Tender Ready package but includes an assessment of your past tendering efforts.

Our Bid Writing Consultants will offer you helpful tips, advice and guidance. This can be specific to your submission to help improve your tendering efforts going forward.

Tender Writing

This is our ad hoc tender writing service. You will be assigned to one of our dedicated Bid Writing Consultants, typically the one with the most experience in your sector, to look after you and guide you through the tendering process from receipt of documents, through to writing, through to submission.

Our Bid Writing Consultants will work closely with you throughout the process to really get to know your business and to understand the nuances and technical details of your service offering. We then put together the most precise, detailed and effective submission possible. On top of all of that, we will even manage the portal submission, clarification and update process too.

Tender Manager 

This is our most premium service for those who are looking to increase their tendering efforts.

As well as a bespoke opportunity tracking service and one of our Bid Writing Consultants to look after you throughout your work with us, we will manage all aspects of your tender submissions. This includes:

  • Developing your corporate literature
  • Undergoing research on your behalf to assist your growth aspirations
  • Working closely with your business throughout to support you through every aspect of the tendering process.

Hudson Helpline

Hudson Helpline is a service we have recently launched.

This service offers 20 minutes of free advice from a bid writing consultant.

Simply use the helpline page to establish the best team member to speak to and call the helpline.

At Hudson Succeed we believe that there is no such thing as a silly question so don’t be afraid to quiz our bid management team.


Don’t struggle in silence, there is loads of support out there for you and your small business!

If you’d still like some more information, contact a Bid Writer today. We can either guide and review you through a bid, answer your questions, or take the submission process off your hands altogether.

Get in touch today to see how we can help.

Find more helpful tips and advice in our blogs. We cover topics including:

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