Succeed Case Study Mudasser Ahmad EN


Muddasar Ahmad is a Sole Trader Taxi Driver, who contacted the Hudson Succeed Team at the beginning of February. He had no tendering experience and wished to apply to be on the Medway Council Transport Framework. We received the tender 2 days before the submission deadline, with approximately 6,000 words to turn around from scratch in that time. Daniel Hall, Head of Bid Management, took overall ownership for this tender, overseeing the content production and client management.


Because Mudassar was completely new to tendering, working with him posed several key challenges, such as:

• He did not have any tender-ready documentation, nor did he have any information prepared, or details about his operation.

• The tender required a lot of specific detail about his experience of transporting SEN (Special Educational Needs) children. Whilst Mudassar confirmed that he did have experience, he did not provide any useable details.

• Communication: Mudassar was hard to contact and communicate with, which made extracting the required information and getting sign-off from him difficult


The actions Daniel took to ensure that the tender was turned around within the tight timeframe, without compromise to the quality, included the following:

• He recognised at the outset that Mudassar would not respond very well to communication via email, and that what information could be extracted from him would be best gained over the phone.

• As there was a lot of content to be generated from scratch, Daniel delegated work out to the entire team, which involved allocating certain sections of the tender to himself, Ben Glaister (Bid Writer), Jack Grayson (Bid Writer) and Emma Nelson (Bid Writer).

• Daniel coordinated all aspects of the tender creation and submission, with all client communication being funnelled through him to ensure a streamlined approach to working and avoiding individual team members requesting the same information on different occasions.


Specific results achieved under this project are as follows:

• The team worked collaboratively and efficiently to produce a complete tender response within 24-hours of client go-ahead.

• The tender was submitted on time, with the client expertly advised on what actions needed to be taken.

• Mudassar was successfully accepted onto the Framework, which is worth a total of £20m over 4-years.

• Mudassar was thrilled with the service he received and the result of his first tendering effort, providing the following testimonial:

“I could not be more grateful for the fantastic service I received from Hudson; because of their professionalism, support and dedication I have been successfully admitted onto a large Framework that has the potential to increase my annual revenue stream considerably. Gaining admittance to this Framework was very important to my business, and I was highly concerned that this would not be possible due to my lack of tendering experience and the small window of opportunity I had to get my submission in. Deciding to engage the services of the Hudson Succeed Team was the best thing I could have done; Daniel handled everything, explained all parts of the process to me and took all of the stress out of the submission. I would highly recommend to any business, whatever your level of experience.” – Mudassar Ahmad, Sole Trader

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