– Rapid Response Shredding UK Case Study


Rapid Response Shredding is an independent, African American-owned and operated, document destruction, document storage, and valet trash company, serving the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Rapid Response Shredding boast over 100 clients across the Dallas region, working across both residential and commercial premises all led by their Director, Simmeana Westbrook.


Because Simmeana had not underwent the tendering process before and was based in a different time zone, working with her posed several key challenges, such as:

  • She did not have any tender-ready documentation or information prepared surrounding the details of her operation.
  • The tender was built around specific Texas State Laws, all of which were required to be met to ensure secure destruction of documents which had the potential to hold personal and private state data.
  • Communication also posed an issue as, being based in Dallas, Texas, Simmeana was 6 hours behind us here in the UK (GMT time), which created difficulties for ad-hoc communication.
  • The tender response had to be delivered via the post or in person, with this contingency time being allocated into team scheduling to ensure on-time submission.

Nevertheless, our dedicated Bid Team went above and beyond to understand the ins-and-outs of the requisite Texas State Laws, to ensure a compliant bid.


To ensure the submission was drafted, reviewed, finalised and signed-off within the required timeframe, we undertook the following actions:

  • As there was a lot of content to be created, Bid Manager, Daniel Hall, delegated work out to other members of the team, which involved allocating sections of the tender to himself, David Ralph (Bid Writer) and Hannah Wilkinson (Bid Writer).
  • Setting expectations from the outset, agreeing communication protocols with Rapid Response Shredding to efficiently collate the information required to complete a high-quality response.
  • Daniel coordinated all aspects of the tender creation and guided Simmeana through the submission of the tender response. All client communication was filtered through him to ensure a streamlined approach to working and ensuring the client didn’t receive the same requests for information from other team members.


Specific results achieved for this project are as follows:

  • The tender was submitted on time, with the client expertly advised on what actions to take to ensure the bid was submitted in-person.
  • Our team worked collaboratively and efficiently to produce a complete RFP with full understanding of the required laws and legislation interwoven through the response.
  • Simmeana was thrilled with the service she received and the result of her first tendering effort. She went on to provide the following testimonial:

“Daniel Hall with Hudson was awesome. I contacted them for assistance with preparing a small RFP bid for my company. I was unfamiliar with the process and needed all the help I could get. Daniel sent me a simple questionnaire to complete to answer the necessary questions regarding my company and the bid requirements. He quoted me a price, and was flexible on the payment terms. He came in on time and the package was flawless. I could not have been more pleased with the entire process. I would definitely use them again and recommend their services to other businesses and colleagues.”

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