Imagine You Can Succeed Case Study


Imagine You Can UK are leading providers of the National Citizen Service in Redcar & East Cleveland and work across the North of England, delivering opportunities for personal development and employability skills for young people, regardless of their academic abilities or background. Imagine You Can UK contacted us in regard to our Tender Writing services, requiring assistance with the submission of a tender for the provision of additional delivery partners to provide capacity for delivering NCS Programme places for young people.


Imagine You Can UK found us whilst researching options for tender support services and consequently solicited our services on this tender. We have developed a great working relationship with Imagine You Can UK and both parties are eager to collaborate again, on the next applicable opportunity. The key tasks/challenges we underwent in providing this service are as follows:

  • In the completion of the initial tender, we were challenged by working with a new client and extracting the relevant information from them in order to complete the quality responses to the desired level. This included detailed information regarding the client’s Safeguarding & Data Management procedures.
  • We were required to balance the large workload we were given with other client’s deadlines. For example, one of the larger tenders was due for submission at the same time as several other tenders, posing a challenge to our time management.


The actions we took to ensure that we performed to the exceptional standards expected of us are as follows:

  • We set detailed communication procedures for client liaison to ensure that all the information we needed for the tender response was extracted quickly and efficiently. To begin with, we underwent a thorough bid plan, outlining what was needed at the earliest opportunity, ensuring the client was aware of the level of input required from them from the outset.
  • Head of Bid Management, Daniel Hall, took the lead on all stages of content development to ensure they were steered in the right direction and all information was compiled together effectively.
  • We delegated the workload across our internal team of expert Bid Writers who proactively dealt with each response to produce high quality, well researched and detailed content.


Specific results achieved under this project are as follows:

  • Our team worked proactively to ensure that this 5,000-word tender was completed within a little over 24 hours of commission.
  • Through our robust approach to bid planning, we extracted all necessary information at the earliest opportunity, allowing us to hit the ground running with our responses.
  • As a result of our efforts on the tender with Imagine You Can UK, we were successful with their endeavour and were accepted onto the Framework, securing them sustainable, ongoing income for the next four years.
  • Due to our success, we have developed a good working relationship with the client, who has vowed to use us again for all their future tendering needs.

“Daniel and the team gave me excellent instructions on the content they needed to complete this tender. The whole process was seamless and I’m glad to say we were accepted onto the Framework. It was a pleasure to work with Hudson and we look forward to collaborating in the future.” Dave King – Director

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