IECC Case Study


IECC Care Ltd approached Hudson seeking tendering support back in August, to submit an application for a complex placements’ framework. IECC had successfully tendered for work before, winning contracts across Essex County Council. However, they expressed concerns over the operational efficiencies of their existing tendering process and enlisted Hudson to streamline and improve this process.


IECC Care Ltd required support with the development of the tender response, including all quality questions, Standard Selection Questionnaire (SSQ) and associated tender forms.


As with any tender response we are tasked with managing, Hudson developed a comprehensive bid plan based upon the required tender submission, detailing our approach to the quality questions and any information required from the client to enhance the responses. This bid plan was then sent to the client, with the option of detailing required information in designated text boxes, or a phone call from IECC Care Ltd’s designated Bid Writer.

One key element of the SSQ is the completion of three contract examples, for which we provided a template to help the client to provide relevant and important information to showcase their ability to deliver similar services. A phone call was then had with the client to iron out any gaps and clarify the key points, from which three case studies were developed. Based upon the specification, buyer requirements and information provided by the client, the quality responses were created by IECC Care Ltd’s dedicated Bid Writer, and any further identified gaps were discussed with the client to fully complete the responses. These responses were then subject to a stringent internal review by a member of the management team, and amendments undergone to ensure the best quality. The completed draft was then sent to the client for their sign-off.

Since the initial contact made, IECC Care Ltd has engaged Hudson’s Tender Writing service a further three times. This has streamlined our overall internal processes, as a bank of content and experience has been developed for the first tender, which has been used in the next three tenders where possible with only new information being sought.


IECC was ultimately successful on each of the four applications that were drafted and submitted, due to their compelling and detailed nature of their responses, which fulfilled the requirements of each individual public sector buyer. The Managing Director was thrilled with both the level of customer service and the quality of the work produced.

“I am pleased to inform you that IECC Care managed to secure the Winter Incentive Grant from Essex County Council. We have managed to win all four applications submitted. IECC Care Ltd would like to say a massive thank you to Hudson and especially Jonathan in drafting all our ideas accordingly and working very swiftly. Jonathan is a big asset to Hudson.” Prabhoo Bhaskar – Operations Manager.

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