Handl Auto Case Study


Handl Auto approached us as they were looking for a reactive Tender Writing Service. They were seeking a writing service to optimise their chances of obtaining government grant funding through an online application. This application was being led by The Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) scheme.

The purpose of this funding was to engage rapid sanitising technology innovations. These innovations would speed up ambulance cleaning times following transport of patients with COVID-19. Being granted this funding would enable Handl Auto – partnering with Assured Group, who would provide the cleaning services – to develop a technological solution which could do this.


The team at Hudson Succeed, led by Head of Bid Management, Daniel Hall, were to write, compile and submit the application for Handl to a high standard, based on research and information provided by the client. A particular challenge was the incredibly tight deadline for this work. The contract with this client began one day before the deadline for application submission at 11am the following morning.

Additionally, the Succeed Team had to ensure that they were familiar with all relevant tender documentation, data, client research and wider medical-related context within a number of hours, whilst also producing the completed documentation to a highly polished standard.


As this was a highly reactive contract, Head of Bid Management, Daniel Hall, produced an action plan and outline of all essential application criteria, which he communicated clearly with the client. The first task of the day was to hold a team meeting to delegate research and writing responsibilities between Bid Writers. This initial briefing was crucial to ensuring that all writers involved fully understood the context of the grant funding application and the technological proposal which the client was offering.

During the course of one day, Daniel produced a detailed action plan which detailed all required approaches with himself supporting the bid content development alongside another two writers, ensuring the same ‘message’ and terminology was used throughout, all whilst liaising with the client throughout. This was to ensure that they provided any additional information required, which would enhance their final submission, and that the necessary financial details were completed alongside the quality tender response.

By the afternoon, Daniel and the Succeed Team had completed a full quality draft which was sent to the client, giving them plenty of time to review, suggest any amendments and finalise all details thoroughly.


The application was successfully completed, and Daniel submitted this well ahead of the 11am deadline the following morning. Due to highly effective planning throughout this tight deadline, the finished work was comprehensively reviewed and responded to proposal requirements effectively.

The client was absolutely delighted with the efficiency, high quality work output and prompt communications that the team at Hudson provided throughout this project during the tight deadline. They provided the following testimonial:

Thanks again for all the help – greatly appreciated and you guys did a wonderful job! I will keep you in the loop as I’m sure there will be more opportunities ahead to work together.” Jonathan Knapper, Founder at Handl Auto

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