Ecosouk Case Study


EcoSouk approached us to take on a bid surrounding the waste management processes to be used throughout the Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022. This was an ambitious project, with the winning party responsible for:

  • Raising awareness of the environmental impact of plastic waste throughout the FIFA World Cup and into the future.
  • Estimating the volume of plastic waste resulting from the FIFA World Cup.
  • Reducing the plastic waste reduced during the FIFA World Cup.
  • Offsetting the waste produced, resulting in a plastic neutral tournament.


EcoSouk required a professional proposal to deliver to Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy within 6 days. This included collaboration from EcoSouk’s entire consortium of plastic waste management experts, including:

  • Qanect – A marketing company responsible for raising awareness.
  • Earthly – A software company whose software tracks carbon emissions and advises on effective nature-based solutions to minimise this impact.
  • Elite Waste Recycling Management (EWRM) – Qatar’s biggest industrial and commercial waste collection and recycling provider, delivering all paper products to subsidiary Elite Paper Recycling – the only manufacturer in Qatar making 100% recycled products.
  • Cleanhub – Software solution capable of identifying areas with plastic waste issues which need to be resolved. Partners with a range of local companies to remove the waste from natural environments and recycle them.


To ensure this was possible, we had to efficiently create comprehensive communication practises to enable us to extract all the necessary information from all relevant parties. We held a series of meetings with key figures from each member of the consortium individually, to gain an accurate picture of what they were bringing to the project. We then worked with EcoSouk to develop communication plans and a tendering process to be used on the project itself – ensuring the proper management of all 5 companies.

Responsibilities were delegated amongst members of the team. The proposal required the following elements:

  • Background research surrounding Qatar’s plastic waste management systems.
  • Company profiles.
  • Key staff CVs.
  • Project Delivery plans.
  • Relevant experience case studies.

Following the individual completion of all elements, this was then sent for compilation and design. The proposal had reached a significant size – 69 pages – and so required a consistent flow and narrative to keep the buyers engaged throughout while demonstrating the value that the consortium had. The full design work for the document was completed within a day, adopting a unique aesthetic which was based on EcoSouk’s logo, branding, and colour schemes.


Within only 6 days, Hudson were able to turn out a fully researched and informed proposal. This was immaculately designed, with all elements complemented by imagery provided to us by EcoSouk and their partners. This was delivered to EcoSouk well within the deadline date, accounting for time delays between the UK and Qatar, allowing for a smooth and simple submission.

Please see below for a testimonial from EcoSouk CEO, Laura Brennan:

“It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Dan and his Hudson Team. They were committed, engaged, and supportive right from the start when I knew nothing about writing bids. I know a little bit more now, but mostly Dan took the reins – heard all our ideas, added in lots of his own research, and created an extremely professional proposal, which I was proud to submit. It was a Herculean effort, done in under a week, with four different companies involved in various countries and targeted to a Middle East audience. Dan was accessible and always responsive throughout the process, even on Sunday afternoon when he was shopping for new flooring, he was answering my emails. Thank you Dan, I hope we get the chance to work together again.”

We are awaiting the results of the tender.

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