Centena Healthcare Case Study


Centena Health, a joint venture between CTS Management Group and Opus Operations, first employed Hudson to write and design a proposal response for COVID Surge Testing in April 2022, they were pleased with the quality of content and quick turn-around; and approached us to complete a response to an RFP for a Test-to-Treat opportunity for COVID-19 in NYC and then more recently, for an Infectious Disease Mobile Services proposal concerning Monkeypox.

Centena Health is a consolidation of the mobile testing operations and healthcare operations of Opus Operations. Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, Centena Health has operated testing sites in NY, FL and TX. They currently operate 80 testing sites in NYC.


Specific challenges or tasks involved in the delivery of these bids were as follows:

  • All three proposals had a short working time. Our team needed to draft, review and design the proposal within three-five days of work.
  • Our third and most recent proposal, Infectious Disease Mobile Services, had a two-day turn-around, including design. As Monkeypox is of more recent concern, information about the disease and its treatment was limited.
  • All three bids were highly technical, requiring our writing staff to complete supporting research to best understand diagnosis, treatment details and administering treatment.


To ensure that we completed each proposal within the allotted time while upholding Hudson quality standards, we did the following:

  • Due to time constraints, we had to provide almost around-the-clock support to produce a strong proposal. We assigned writers based both in the UK and the US to assist with the process and utilized the different time zones in the most efficient way possible.
  • Bid Writers were involved in all client communications to ensure that highly technical information and expectations were clearly communicated. Any emails pertaining to client additions, drafts or reviews included all writers working on the project.
  • We consulted NYC Health guidelines and treatment information as well as CDC guidance to ensure that the proposal was in line with both client and buyer expectations.


All three proposals were completed within their allocated windows with full design work. The client was able to review drafts as they were created; feedback was implemented immediately and sent back for secondary review.

Our client was satisfied with the quality of work provided, especially given the limited time available.

“Thanks so much to you and the entire team for making this happen on such a tight deadline. I’m super impressed with the quick turnaround and quality of the work.”

– Susan Kind, Systems and Operations

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