Alongi Media Case Study


Alongi Media are an award-winning media consultancy company based in New York, with the team having received over 100 Emmy Awards collectively. They offer comprehensive support on the production of television shows and special events, having previously overseen significant historical broadcasts such as Afghanistan’s first ever Presidential Debate (2009), CNBC’s 2011 and 2015 U.S. Presidential Primary Debates, and the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics.

Alongi Media approached us to support with the development of a proposal to be submitted to the Al Jazeera News Network, to overhaul Studio 5 in their headquarters in Doha, Qatar. This included a full renovation of the studio and top-down consultancy on the production of an engaging product from a live newsroom environment. While Alongi Media hold an incredible wealth of experience, works were normally procured on the strength of this experience; Hudson Outsourcing were contacted to transcribe this experience into a compelling presentation.


The father and son team at the helm of Alongi Media, Philip Alongi and Phil Alongi, contacted Hudson Outsourcing directly to oversee the development of this proposal. This included a company profile, capabilities and experience, organisational structure, available resource, delivery plan, and dependencies.

Head of UK Sales, Jamie Peacock, was the initial point of contact for Alongi Media. Following a series of conversations, Alongi Media were assured that the quality of our work would reflect the award-winning nature of their business and progressed with the bidding process. Due to the tight deadline, the proposal had to be turned around within 2-weeks.


Head of Bid Management, Daniel Hall, assumed the role of Project Manager under this contract, acting as Alongi Media’s point of contact within Hudson Outsourcing. Daniel took to analysing and digesting all the tender documentation provided by Al Jazeera, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of what was required within the proposal. Due to the scale of the required works and the tight timeframe this was to be completed in, works were delegated throughout the team with Bid Writers, David Ralph and Scott Reid, contributing significant amounts of content.

Multiple Zoom calls were held between our Bid Writing Team and Alongi Media to better understand the service which was being offered and the way consultancy was to be delivered. This was supplemented by significant internal research to create draft process flows for verification by Alongi Media. As members of the Bid Writing Team completed sections, this was submitted to Daniel, who reviewed the content to ensure its accuracy, and collated it all into a cohesive presentation.

Continuing to liaise with Alongi Media, this presentation was refined with additional points added and the foundational research was developed upon by Alongi Media. The presentation was also actively designed by our internal team, headed by Kathryn Johansen. Within 1-week, a fully developed presentation was submitted to Alongi Media for review and finalisation.


Overall, 9 drafts of the presentation were produced before it was finalised. This was submitted to Al Jazeera on time, with a fully designed and comprehensive proposal efficiently demonstrating Alongi Media’s capability and competence in media consultancy. Following an evaluation internally by Al Jazeera, Alongi Media were awarded the contract and began delivering the schedule of works within 1-month of submission. Philip Alongi, Managing Director of Alongi Media, provided with the following testimonial:

“Hi Daniel, and greetings from Doha. It was a long ordeal, and, in the end, we got the project. Apologies for not sharing that news with you earlier, especially since the assistance from you and your team helped make this all happen. You can count on us to hold onto your contact information for when a future opportunity appears. Until then, stay safe and stay healthy.”

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