Kweller Prep Case Study


Kweller Prep is an established business with a 15-year track record of success in preparing students for specialised middle-school, high-school, college entrance, and graduate school exams. They create and operate programmes to help students get to the next level of their academic career. Francis Kweller, Kweller Prep’s Director approached Hudson Outsourcing to use our bid writing services for a tender from Buffalo Public Schools for a secondary maths programme.


The Hudson Succeed Team were tasked with the creation of this bid. Some of the main challenges involved with this bid were as follows:

  • Establishing a new relationship with the client – Kweller Prep was a brand-new client, who we had not worked with before. This meant that we had no previous literature for them and the team had to extract this information in a short timeframe.
  • Kweller Prep’s location – Kweller Prep are based in the US. This meant that their educational system is slightly different to that of the UK, which we are familiar with. Familiarising ourselves with the relevant information regarding this was essential as the tender was for an educational programme.


In order to overcome the challenge of having to establish a brand-new relationship with the client, we took the following steps:

  • Engaged in a kick-off call with the client at the start of our processes. Here, we established key background information about Kweller Prep, as well as contact information for Francis Kweller (Director). Due to this, we were able to establish when Francis was available for communication, and the modes of communication she preferred (e.g., email or phone call).
  • Took a deep dive into Kweller Prep’s website in order to gather key information about them and their functions.
  • Conducted extensive fact-finding sessions with the client to extract the information needed.

To ensure that the difference in geographical location was not a limitation to us, we:

  • Looked at previous similar tenders to gain context and background, which would inform our writing for Kweller Prep.
  • Researched online to further develop this context, in order to give us basic information about the educational system in America.
  • Spoke to the client to gain extra information about their specific educational programme which would inform our writing.


Specific results achieved under this project were as follows:

  • We developed a strong relationship with Kweller Prep and received a glowing review based on our service due to our effective communication with Francis. Thus, it is likely they will use Hudson Outsourcing again in future.
  • Due to our research, we were able to develop a fully comprehensive bid for Kweller Prep with some extra invested time on our part.
  • Although we are based within the UK, due to our research and communication with Francis, we were able to produce a high-quality bid in line with the US’ educational system, on behalf with Kweller Prep.
  • We are awaiting the result of the bid.

“I’m so happy I took a leap of faith and decided to work with this team in the UK. They truly work 24/7. Good luck to all of us on getting this procurement…They work round the clock…Five stars for Hudson!” – Francis Kweller, Director

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