iMs US Case Study


In August 2022, the Hudson Succeed team was awarded the opportunity to write for Integrated Management Solutions, iMs. iMs is a technology-based company that created the Connexis Cloud Case Management system, which is an all-inclusive, mobile-optimized data management system and repository that utilizes a “real-time, single image, multi-tiered, multi-tenant” relational database. They have over 400 installations in nearly all 50 states with over 75 unique configurations.


The Succeed team had delivered previously for iMs and were asked to write again for a new opportunity. The new RFP was received on August 11, with a deadline of August 22. The team faced a few challenges in order to complete the task:

  • The new RFP asked for additional information – After breaking down the RFP, the writers had to ensure that all the new deliverables were met which meant we had to develop brand new content to make sure we fully answered the question. The client also provided new raw information on diversity, which our Bid Writer enhanced and included in the proposal response.
  • Their top competitor was the incumbent – The team was informed that this RFP had been reopened and they needed to write a compelling response to show why iMs was better than their competition.
  • Short Turnaround – Overall, this was less than a two-week response time which also required time to be built into the timeline for design.


To ensure that the team was compliant and successful in creating the bid:
• The first step for the team was to create a bid plan to see what elements were going to be needed in the new RFP; including bringing the new diversity requirement to the attention of the client for additional information.
• The team were sure to highlight and point out key differentiators as to why iMs would be more successful than their competitors.
• The team kept in constant contact with the iMs team and worked diligently to produce a compliant bid.


The team delivered on all their tight deadlines. Ensuring high quality and constant communication with the client throughout to effectively manage expectations whilst ensuring that the client had a compliant bid response.


“I want to thank the Hudson team of Zoe, Daniel, and Kathryn for the amazing job they did with our RFP response. We had a short timeframe and a weekend in between – however I can assure the response was not short on content, quality and design. I highly recommend Hudson!”– Ken Taylor, CEO of Integrated Management Solution (iMs)


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