The Healthtrust Europe Framework Explained

25th November 2019

Healthtrust Europe Framework 

Last updated: Dec 17, 2021 @ 10:31 am

The Healthtrust Europe framework typically opens to potential suppliers every four years. Until then, let’s take a look at the most recent opening and the requirements. This will help you to prepare for the next round.

The organisation seeks to establish a framework agreement with experienced suppliers of permanent recruitment solutions.

What is the contract for?

The organisation renews its existing framework agreement for both national and international permanent recruitment services. This agreement is usually split into two lots:

  • Lot 1 requires the permanent recruitment of candidates on a national scale. As well as this, the contract will include process optimisation and associated consultancy services.
  • Lot 2 requires the international recruitment of permanent candidates for placement within the United Kingdom.

Who is this contract open to?

In order to apply for this framework, Healthtrust Europe asks for SQ and ITT submissions. The contract is open to those who meet the minimum required turnover and who possess experience delivering similar contracts.

The requirements include:

  • A minimum turnover of £500,000.
  • Relevant case studies, detailing examples of similar contracts that have been delivered successfully. It is important to note that these contracts should have been delivered under the current trading name.
  • Two examples of invoices to recruit doctors. This is to demonstrate your experience in recruiting relevant medical professionals.

Application and awarding process

Healthtrust Europe have split the framework application process into two stages.

  • Stage one:

The first stage will take place in the form of a Selection Questionnaire (SQ). Responses to this initial SQ will be assessed based on a 100% quality evaluation.

This means that the buyer is only assessing the quality of the answers you submit. This will include not only the content but also the format and professional vocabulary used to convey the message.

  • Stage two:

Suppliers who successfully pass the SQ will then receive an invitation to tender (ITT). At this stage, the evaluation scope will be split into the following weighting:

  • 70% Quality
  • 30% Price

This means that the buyer will focus a larger proportion of the awarding evaluation on the evidence presented and the clarity of your responses. Healthtrust Europe will expect to see detailed and exceptionally written tender responses which persuade them that your organisation is the most suitable to deliver this contract.

How to win a place on the Healthtrust Europe framework

Writing winning bids involves many skills that stretch far beyond demonstrating company knowledge. As professional Bid Writers, we know that submitting successful responses requires multiple steps including:

  • Breaking down the tender – this is to ensure that no time is wasted responding to an ITT for a contract that you are not eligible to win.
  • Shredding the specification – attention to detail can mean the difference between a successful and unsuccessful submission. Buyers will use your bid responses to gauge how well you will be able to deliver their contract.
  • Adding value – this is the key to a successful bid. It is not enough to simply list what you will do but to also demonstrate how you will add value to the buyer.
  • Ensure specificity – always bear in mind that buyers will read numerous responses that essentially repeat each other. Remember to be specific and straight to the point.
  • Thorough proofreading – we cannot stress enough the importance of completing multiple, thorough checks before submitting. Don’t see hard work go to waste by submitting a bid full of errors.

Who are we and how can we help you win?

At Hudson Succeed, we have worked with numerous Recruitment agencies and completed countless NHS tender responses for our clients. We proudly hold an 87% bid success rate and support over 700 businesses with their tendering efforts, both nationally and internationally.

One of our most recent successes in the Recruitment Sector saw our client increase their turnover by 20%. We did this by winning 100% of their bid submissions consecutively. Read their testimonial.

For this particular framework, we would suggest opting for one of two services:

Tender Writing

This is our ad-hoc bid writing service. Our clients find that this is the perfect solution when they see a contract that they want to win but don’t have the time or in-house resources to craft a winning submission.

Our Tender Writing service includes a fully outsourced bid management process, from breaking down the specification and asking clarification questions to submitting the final bid response.

Find more information about this service or call 0203 051 2217 to speak to a consultant.

Tender Mentor

Can you write the winning response? If you already have exceptional writers in-house, we also offer a guide and review service.

Tender Mentor ensures that you submit an error-free bid. We are your second pair of eyes and we will comb through your responses to ensure any grammatical errors are corrected before you press submit. We will also provide comments and tips for improvement to ensure that you are answering the buyer’s requirements as detailed in the specification.

Find more information, or upload your written responses for a guide and review.

Never tendered before?

Don’t worry! We know that tendering can be daunting if you are new to the process. This is why we created our unique Tender Ready package.

Tender Ready is an in-depth, four-week programme, designed to increase your chances of winning for those who have never tendered for contacts before. With your input, our professional bid writers will create high-quality and fully branded corporate literature that you will need to submit with almost every tender you complete.

This literature will include your company’s:

  • Policies
  • Procedures
  • Case studies
  • Evidencing materials

We will also work with you to increase your knowledge of the tendering process and the contracts you should be bidding for.

Once the programme is complete, the support doesn’t end there. Our team of professionals will offer to either write your next tender on your behalf OR guide you through the next two bids of your choosing.

Find more information or contact us for a free consultation.

How to find more contracts like this

If you work in the Recruitment sector, visit our dedicated HR Tenders portal. HR Tenders is powered by our parent company, Hudson.

The platform offers time-saving benefits for sourcing new contract opportunities in the HR and Recruitment industry. Our team of Opportunity Trackers manually source new tenders from thousands of sites, nation-wide. The tenders are then uploaded to one central system which can be easily searched by filtering keywords, locations and budgets.

Book a free live demo today to understand how HR Tenders can add value to your business.

Find more helpful tips and advice in our blogs. We cover topics including:

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