Eagle Eye Security Solutions Case Study


Eagle Eye Security Solutions, a large security management group, approached us to acquire our bid writing services on a tender for background investigative services. As a company, their services span several areas including the Bay Area, Southern California, New York, Latin America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. They offer a range of specialised services including protective security services, information security programmes, intelligence and analysis, corporate and security personnel training and self-defence and awareness training.


Specific challenges or tasks involved in the delivery of this tender were as follows:

  • Potential suppliers were to provide staffing and personnel biographies of key management personnel with key qualifications and CVs for each of them. The buyer also required us to describe the number of individuals at each level and asked for full details of senior staff available for the project.
  • In order to complete the bid, we needed three references from other former customers with similar objectives, with details of the work performed and whether timelines or deadlines were met.


To ensure we provided the staffing information required, we took the following steps:

  • Researched the key managers or staff on Eagle Eye’s website, in order to gain some background or details regarding who may be involved in the delivery of the DPS.
  • Communicated with the client to gather information on key personnel which we could not find online, as well as any CVs they may have on record for these people. When needed, we then edited these for inclusion in the bid.
  • Requested an organisational diagram from the client which demonstrates the number of individuals at each level and the chain of command. We then edited this where needed to create an attractive and detailed organigram to support the bid.

In terms of the references required from other customers, we took the following steps:

  • Liaised with the client to acquire the contact details for relevant customers, and the information they have recorded which pertains to the project undertaken.
  • Contacted relevant customers where needed to gather the necessary references for the write up.


Specific results achieved under this project are as follows:

  • We were able to include a comprehensive organigram based on our research and the details given to us from Juan, the CEO. This detailed the chain of command and the number of people at each level. CVs were then provided, which were edited by our in-house Vocal Team, detailing the skills and experience of each of these people.
  • We gained excellent, detailed references from past customers due to our communication with Eagle Eye, which we included in the bid.
  • We developed a positive relationship with Juan F Gonzalez Jr, the CEO of the company through our effective communication. This meant that we were able to complete our bid to an excellent standard as we gained the relevant information needed. It also increased the likelihood that Eagle Eye would utilise us for similar services in future.
  • Eagle Eye were extremely happy with the service our Succeed Team provided.

I wish to thank you and your team for the fantastic product you put out and the efforts you went to, to get us in on time. We submitted. Now we wait. Thank you.” – Juan F Gonzalez Jr, CEO

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