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12 Mar

WE HAD TO GOOGLE THE VISION OF OUR OWN COMPANY! – Making sure you have consistent marketing messages!


WE HAD TO GOOGLE THE VISION OF OUR OWN COMPANY! – Making sure you have consistent marketing messages!

Businesses can often feel like they’re losing their way, especially when producing tender documents and relaying their ‘spirit’ and clear marketing messages across on paper. Competition is growing with the increase in entrepreneurial mindsets and innovating youngsters in Universities, who are now encouraged to master their talents and develop start-up new businesses with help from mentors and growth coaches.

For those of us who are already trading and focused on either sustaining or growing our businesses, we need to make sure we remain valid and innovative to stand the test of time and fulfil client requirements using innovative tools and techniques that make it easier for our buyers to use our services.

You wouldn’t be the first if you’d admit that you had to google the vision of your own company.  We all lose our way from time to time, but the most important thing is, that it remains consistent in the public eye. If you’re writing one thing in your tender documents but your website, marketing materials and employees are saying another, it only reduces the confidence that buyers have in your ability to deliver a consistent service.

We thrive on the vision of our Company – to become the next Billion-pound company to come out of the UK, and we plan to do that with our headquarters in County Durham. It’s a simple vision that no one in this company will ever forget. Yes, we have sub-ambitions about innovation and employee development, but they all work towards our billion-pound vision and we write it absolutely everywhere. It’s consistent, it’s daring and it’s a powerful message for anyone who wants to work with us.

The core focus of this article is to encourage consistency. If you do one thing after reading this article, try reading your website and your marketing materials and then ask each of your employees (separately) what they believe your vision is, mark a percentage of how many of them are right. From that, you can fix one thing today – you can ensure your team are working toward the same goal.

Standout by being consistent. Discover your vision to allow you to succeed when tendering. Procure the best and invest
in innovation.

We’re happy to help you ensure your vision and marketing messages are all conveyed clearly across
your Tendering efforts.

Get in touch with our Tender Consultants for more information!

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