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Tender Consultants Ltd is part of Hudson Procurement Group. Our Group is focused on supporting businesses to help achieve growth aspirations whilst developing internal sales representatives and streamlining the way you find new business.

Our Tender Consultants team is led by Jill Hudson, a focused and energetic Growth Coach, specialising in tendering and proactive business development. With nearly two decades of tender writing experience, and growing both UK and international businesses across a range of sectors, Jill has developed bespoke Tender Ready and Tender Improvement programmes which allows businesses to either take the first steps into tendering, or improve success rates where they may currently be lacking.  To further support this consultancy, we’ve recently developed a Tender Mentor service, where we work with you either on a retained basis or one off project basis to guide and review your tenders before submission.

We also understand that not every business has the internal skill to produce tender documents, we therefore provide Tender Writing services where we charge a flat fee per tender document including a success fee should you be successful. We keep our fees sensible to ensure it doesn’t eat into the profit of the projects you’re bidding for.

As a constantly evolving business, we’re set to launch two further products during 2018, Tender VLE a virtual learning environment for tendering, which will deliver master class videos to those who need guidance and further development in tendering, as well as Tender Bank, an online tendering resource which allows you to store and organise tender information and create tender documents online with the support of a tender wizard who will guide and prompt you along the way.

Hudson Procurement Group is constantly evolving and innovating.  We won’t stop here, we will constantly review and develop our business for the benefit of YOU.

Our Mission

Put people first | Pursue excellence for our clients | Act with integrity | Welcome change | Embrace technical advancements | Service our customers

Our Vision

We want to change the way business is carried out around the globe.  We believe that the place you find new business should also be the place you find your suppliers, whether that is locally, nationally or internationally.

Our Promise To Clients

We promise to have our finger on the pulse and that the information we publish will be done so accurately and timely.  We promise that the suppliers and buyers on our system are of quality standing, and the advice given during consulting sessions, is up to date and accurate.

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