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Tender Ready

We support businesses with knowing how to respond to public and private sector tenders.  Over the last decade, we’ve developed robust procedures that add structure to tendering in the form of being ‘Tender Ready’.  We believe success comes from being prepared and being sensible with your submissions so our consultants will work with you to identify your sweet spot, based on experience, knowledge and service offering.  Click below to find out more about how we can help your business lay solid foundations for tendering.


Tender  Improvement

We often work with businesses who are struggling to see the right level of success from their tendering efforts.  It may be that you’re ready to take the leap into larger contracts or you simply want to see a better ROI for your time spent tender writing.  Our Tender Improvement programme works with you to identify the areas that need extra attention to allow you to move into the next category of wins.  The work is delivered by Jill Hudson who has experience winning contracts between £5,000 – £5,000,000.


TImprovement copy


Tender Writing

We’re often asked if we produce tenders on behalf of companies so we’ve recruited an in-house team of tender writers with a proven success record of results. Our Tender Writers are managed by our Growth Director, Founder of Tender Consultants, who has been growing international businesses for the last 15 years. Click below to find out how our Tender Writers can support your business, find out more about their success rates and sector specific skillset.


Tender  Mentor

Our Tender Mentor service has been developed to support businesses who just require a guide and review process before submission. Perhaps you need an extra pair of eyes to look over important tender documents, or you need someone to advise where you might need to spend a little more time to ensure you see maximum marks on your tender response. We always deliver your first guide and review for £295 + VAT so you can see the value in our work.  Then following this we review the word count and provide a quote in advance, ensuring you’re happy to procced.




Tender VLE

Tender VLE is an innovative virtual learning environment for business development teams wishing to secure work within the UK.  This tool allows sales representatives to get the most from tendering, understanding how to respond to an important RFQ and how to maximise tender results by knowing how to interpret keywords and CPV codes. This system is the first of its kind, and we’re excited to share with you an innovative way of developing your business development representatives.  If you would like to register early interest in this product, please click below and mark your interest via our contact form.


Tender Bank

Were all super excited for Tender Bank which will go live in December 2018.  Tender Bank allows for an organised approach to tender writing.  Tender writing is a fine art but once youve produced a number of bids the organisation of your content is equally important to ensure youre not duplicating your workload.  Tender Bank helps with this.  In addition to storing content and improving the organisation of your bids, Tender Bank allows you to create tender responses, using a wizard that will ensure you have addressed all parts of the question as you go.  Its basically our Tender Mentor service with technology.  Keep looking back to see how development is going on this highly innovative and intuitive product.