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Tender Training

We support businesses with knowing how to respond to public and private sector tenders.  Over the last decade, we’ve developed robust procedures that add structure to tendering in the form of being ‘Tender Ready’.  We believe success comes from being prepared and being sensible with your submissions so our consultants will work with you to identify your sweet spot, based on experience, knowledge and service offering.  Click below to find out more about how we can help your business lay solid foundations for tendering.


Tender Writing

We’re often asked if we produce tenders on behalf of companies so we’ve recruited an in-house team of tender writers with a proven success record of results. Our Tender Writers are managed by our Growth Director, Founder of Tender Consultants, who has been growing international businesses for the last 15 years. Click below to find out how our Tender Writers can support your business, find out more about their success rates and sector specific skillset.




Virtual Learning Environment

Coming soon to 2017 is an innovative virtual learning environment for business development teams wishing to secure work within the UK.  This tool allows sales representatives to get the most from tendering, understanding how to respond to an important RFQ and how to maximise tender results by knowing how to interpret keywords and CPV codes. This system is the first of its kind, and we’re excited to share with you an innovative way of developing your business development representatives.  If you would like to register early interest in this product please click below and mark your interest via our contact form.

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